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Golden Isles Sailing Club
Navigation Rules (Rules of the Road) & Race Rules

This area of our site is devoted to General Navigation Rules and U.S. Sailing Racing Rules. These Rules govern boating in general as well as our Club races, the Coastal Cup and the FL-GA Ocean Challenge. As a Club we do have several "exceptions" to the way we handle races but for the most part normal racing rules apply. These rules are a very important part of our racing at Golden Isles Sailing Club and need to be understood by all racers.

We will cover the rules that impact our racing and the rules governing how our boats interact as well as our Club exceptions and modifications to the rules.

In addition, there are quizzes to see how you stack up against other members of our Golden Isles Sailing Club.

Navigation Rules, Race Rules and Tactics

Articles of Interest for Sailors and Racers
Boating Basics Glossary of Terms
Navigation Rules overview and Part A of the Rules.
The Basics - minimum you need to know to enjoy racing with Golden Isles Sailing Club
The Navigation Rules - Rules of the Road - PART B Section/Subpart I - Rule 4 through 10
Test Your Knowledge
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Basic Rules Quiz
Rules of the Road Part A Quiz
Rules of the Road, Part B Rule 4 10 Quiz
Coming Soon...
The Sections below are in development (Want to Help??)
The start line and the starting sequence (Tip & Strategies)
Buoy rounding (So many boats, so little room)
Tactics (Having a cannon on your vessel's bow is not allowed but there are options)
Scoring (Crossing the finish line first does not always mean you won!)

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